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On the Car Crash Traffic Accident_ Paramedics and Firefighters Rescue Injured Trapped Vict


Justice for You

Car and truck accidents are very common.  They occur on local streets, highways and country roads daily in our area. These accidents are caused by speeding, unsafe lane changes, the failure to yield at traffic signals, equipment failures, and drunk drivers.  The parties causing these accidents often have a lapse in judgment, are distracted while talking or texting on the phone, or are fatigued.  In a split second, you may be left with lifelong injuries.  
Insurance companies are in business for one reason only, to make money. Trucking companies will often have their own attorneys and insurance adjusters on the scene of an accident immediately, hoping to out-man and overpower the accident victim. Insurance and trucking companies will use their resources to attempt to minimize your injuries and to shift responsibility for causing the accident on to you.  Even if your insurance company or the insurance carrier of the other driver covers some of your bills, it may fall short of covering the medical expenses, the missed work and needs of your family.


Years of Experience

Working in the oil and gas industry is a way of life for many in south Louisiana. There are a wide range of oil and gas industry jobs. This is dangerous work. Injuries are common working on jack up boats and semi-submersible rigs, dredge barges and cranes, construction jobs and P&A projects. Equipment failures are responsible for a large number of injuries each year.
Workers in the oil and gas industry are exposed to hazards on a daily basis, often working long hours for days or weeks at a time. Injuries are caused by co-worker or contractor negligence, due to fatigue or the failure to follow the proper safety guidelines.
After suffering an injury in an offshore work accident, your life is likely a mess. You are not receiving a pay check, but your medical bills are increasing by the day. In the hours and days after your injury it is likely that company personnel are attempting to minimize your accident, having quickly whisked you away to one of their hand-picked doctors in an effort to diminish your injuries and control the outcome of your claim.

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Surgery Tools


Proven Success

Hospitals, nursing homes, and sometimes even doctors, hurt patients. They just do. It happens.  All of us routinely visit these facilities blindly trusting the professionals that work there to treat us as they would their own family.  
The reality is that medical and nursing home professionals are no different than anyone else and sometimes fail to do their job correctly. The implications, however, are far reaching and often result in irreversible damage to an already vulnerable patient.
These facilities and their professionals have a duty to attend to the needs of patients or residents in a timely manner and should have the staff and equipment necessary to meet your needs. Yet still medical errors are one of the nation’s leading causes of death and injury.

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